January 5, 2015

she thinks the raindrops on her window are sparkles

This little girl is pretty darn three these days. I was so worried about the "terrible twos" I didn't stop to ponder the impact of living with an independent three year old. Those twos... they're looking pretty easy from here. All this selective hearing and "I don't want to" responses, and being cool as a cucumber no matter what I threaten to do or take away gets me heated fast. Goodness gracious she can push my buttons. 

But then I remember that each time we're in the car on a rainy day, she asks for "sparkles on her window". I think about how she's growing each day, asking to practice her letters and always eager to do something creative. She'll dance for hours listening to our Disney Pandora station and sit with me as I read her endless books. I smile to think she started primary on Sunday and laugh that multiple people told me how cute she was as she repeatedly tried to go to the front of the room and "have her turn". It warms my heart to hear someone say she's my little twin. I love to watch her grow in her role as big sister and I know she'll always have her daddy's heart.

She thinks the raindrops on her window are sparkles... and I'm so grateful she's mine.

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  1. Your little girl is precious -- and SO like her Mommy! Both of you are beautiful!!! Love you. Grandma M.


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