July 14, 2011

A little recap

I really don't know what I want to say... but its been a while since I posted to here we go!
The past week I've been blowing like crazy and my body thought it might be a fun challenge to take on a major cough too - sweet.

That pretty much sums up my week... haha
Monday I did more manual labor than I have in a LONG time! It felt kinda good.  I helped Jeremy work on a project that is for my mother-in-law for her birthday -- she's gonna love it!
I was coughing so hard and I could hardly speak so I figured going to work wasn't really the best option
{you're welcome girl who got my shift}

uh.... Tuesday we met up with my family on Lake Roosevelt.  My family rented it for a few days, they went up Sunday but we didn't get there til Tuesday morning.  We left Wednesday morning so it was a short trip but it was so beautiful.  There was a deck all along the back of the house so I just sat in the shade and looked at the beautiful lake and enjoyed the fresh air.  AND I got to hold a little baby for a few hours :)  
Some friends of ours came up as well and she just had a baby about a month ago?  Somewhere around there.  He was just so cute and cuddly and I kind of like just holding someone.  

CONFESSION:  Sometimes I am intimidated when I'm around newborn babies.  Like I love holding them and I've been around them my whole life! {Oldest of 9 here} but I guess now that I'm having my own baby I feel like everyone is watching me waiting for me to mess up and when I hold a newborn and it starts crying I'm like "ahhh I really do know how to do this! I can be a good mom really!" and yeah... It just freaks me out.  *sigh*  Hopefully after my first child survives the first year of her life I won't have that weird paranoia anymore... hopefully.  
{Is that weird? Anybody else go through that?}

Lets see, what else.  Jeremy went with my dad and brothers backpacking to Granite Lake in Montana.  
fyi there's no cell service on the trail up Granite Lake... *sigh*  
I miss my best friend. . .  
But I know he's having fun.  We went and got all of his gear yesterday and seriously I have never seen the man so excited! {not even for our wedding!  Disclaimer... I know he was excited when we got married, I've just never seen him express his excitement like he did for this trip}  It was really cute :) 
When we got home he got out his new tent and sleeping bag and set them up in the family room to 'try them out' hehe so cute!  gah I love him... and miss him *sniff* But that's ok.  
At least I know he's having fun.

Tonight I went to a Relief Society activity with my mom.  It was really fun! Great food, fun to talk to and catch up with old yw's leaders and friends.  Then we came home and the babysitter hadn't gotten Elizabeth to bed and then I got to hold the door closed as she screamed because she wanted to stay up.  And just for a second I was like wow... maybe you can just stay in there for a while Madeline... 
Then I remembered how excited I am to see her and meet her and know what she's like/the longer she stays in there the bigger she gets and I have to push her out of me.  Short lived moment ha.

Not much else to report. Sorry no pictures... I did take some pictures of my brother-in-law and his family but they aren't people you know so why should you... yeah... I discovered that I have a LOT to learn about all this. I was kinda overwhelmed by trying to keep 4 boys looking at the camera and change all the different settings that I need to to get a great picture and then when I looked at them after all I could see was how badly I messed up... *sigh* But thats ok!  It means I get to work on it a lot to get better! 


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