July 9, 2011

One of the things I hate about being pregnant is...

I have been blowing, and sniffing, and coughing, and aching, and having a sore throat and a head ache for the past week and its just really not cool anymore.  Not only that but Jeremy has a cold too so we just make the cutest little Mr. and Mrs. Sniffles.  I'd show you a picture of the 59403503839 used tissues around our room... but then you'd probably stop being friends with us. 
 I did take a little action last night and buy some hand sanitizer 
{I do work at Bath & Body Works - love it!!!!}but we'll see if it helps.
 Having a cold is just the most miserable thing ever... and I don't like it... 

And now... just to make you laugh bahaha I love this movie. 


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  1. BUMMER! I had a long lasting cold while prego too, and my Dr. surprised me by giving me all of that magical medicine I thought I couldn't have. Possibly because I was like 8 months along and it's less bad for the baby then? I didn't ask too many questions-- I just took the prescriptions and ran for the pharmacy! (ok, more like power-walked with a slight waddle) I'm sorry about your cold!


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