July 6, 2011

It's a GIRL!!!

It's official!  Our little baby is a 
{Now I don't feel bad for wanting her... ha}

Doctor practically had to pry her legs apart - but thats alright, at least she's modest!

This is just my favorite picture in the whole wide world!  Her little feet :)  
{An adorable room decoration will be made with this - mark my words}

And here is her little face
{I had to have it interpreted too... basically her head is upside down in this picture and she's got her little hand up by her face... She was being stubborn and the doctor was way ready to go home... so this is what we got.  Still cute, right?}

I'm so glad I can use pronouns now... calling a child of God 'it' just doesn't make me feel that  great.  Madeline is growing fast {13 ounces and most babies at 19weeks are around 8.5}.  The doctor said she might come closer to the 20th {her original due date was the 26th} but who knows.  He left us with the 26th {Due dates don't really mean anything too much anyhow - right?} So there you go!  Gosh November seems so far away... but oh well!  I'd much rather have her then than early or with any complications.  Also, just to clarify while her name is spelled like <Mad-i-line> its pronounced as <Mad-i-lynn> we just thought the 'line' looked a lot more graceful.  

We're so excited that she's looking healthy and well and we just really can't wait to meet her :) 

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  1. I love the name!! How cute! You'll have to read her the Madeline books, except that name really is mad-a-LINE! Madeline Wells. What a sweet name! Congratulations! Start buying PINK!!


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