July 4, 2011

Just makin' some memories

Saturday we did something that we've been hearing great things about for quite some time.  We took a family bike ride along the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes!  Sounds awesome right - I'm sure some people have really great experiences... but ours just wasn't one of them.  After driving for 2+ hours {half of which was on a windy, narrow, never ending HWY 97} we finally got to a town in northern Idaho called Harrison.  
Why, you ask, did we decide to start in Harrison? Because they have supposedly to die for ice cream. 
We had planned on getting ice cream after we rode our bikes, but seeing as the car ride single handedly exhausted us we decided to get some ice cream first. 

{BYU Creamery is better - just sayin'}
But it was still really good!

I'm really embarrassed by the quality of this picture... sorry!

Yes I got rainbow sherbet... I just couldn't take anything too chocolately and rich after driving for so long

Gang's all here! {Mom's taking the picture}
Don't you love how you can totally tell right where my baby is?  The bump has officially turned into a mound...
{And yes Emma has joined the hippie movement}

Modeling his facial -- I mean ice cream hair??

Adam really wasn't feeling well so after we had ridden maybe a mile he and mom pulled over and waited for us to come back.  It wasn't too much longer til we all turned around though.  It really was beautiful, it just didn't quite feel like it was worth the drive...

Look at all those happy faces!

The little girls

Unfortunately this is the only picture I got of the lake... lame right!  Sorry my ride-bike-and-take-pictures-at-the-same-time-skills aren't what they should be.  Not to mention my fast fading balance...

Cursed HWY 97... We took a different way back.  Yes I was more miles, but you could go faster so it was definitely better!

I don't know if you can see but there are some tire tracks on Christian's forearm from when he was helping to lift bikes onto the trailer.  I thought it looked like a tattoo so he was modeling it for us :)

Just because I thought this sign was funny... And you'll see why its funny when you get a good look at the entire town in the picture below.

TA-DA!!!! I don't know who has 'in-town' checks...

Some fun mailboxes.  I would have loved to play around a lot more but hey when you're in a rush you get what you get.

Needless to say everybody was just thrilled about the car ride home!

So there you have it!  A fun filled day with the Fullmers!  
But as least we made some good memories :)

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  1. family time is seriously the best. Great pictures darling!


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