July 31, 2011

My hubby makes me SMILE :D

I know I haven't written anything in a while...
but my pictures are all on another computer {that I can't connect to the internet right now...}
and I've been busy, and yeah... but I did want to tell you something 
Mr. Wells told me yesterday.
Mr. Wells, "You know... I'm kinda excited about having a honey-do list"
Mrs. Wells, "What!?!?! wait... really?"
Mr. Wells, "Yeah... {big cheesy/cute grin} cause then I'll get to complain about my honey-do list."

Seriously peeps - he's the best!
And we got engaged a year ago today!!! 
time flies

Later I'll do a post about our baby shower and how super excited I am getting about our little Madeline and that she's a girl - cause I love little girls and little girl clothes *eeeekkK!!!*


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