February 23, 2012

3 months comes with laughter

I can't believe our little girl is 3 months old already!
Time is passing by so quickly, and yet I feel as though I've had this
little girl with me forever.  It's hard to remember back to when
I didn't have her with me every day. 

Madeline is a little charmer.  Everywhere we go she graces 
just about everybody with her beautiful smiles and sparkling eyes.
I've noticed her eyes are especially sparkly (spelling?) after her bath each night.
It's fun to see her developing her own little personality.
I love that she's so friendly and will {almost always} happily
go see anyone.  I think I love a little more than that, that I know
she prefers me just a wee bit more than everyone else.  
Kinda makes my lil mama heart go ''ba-dump ba-dump ba-dump"
She makes us strive to be better people and with her always watching
we're trying to filter what she hears and sees.
She can hold her head up exceptionally well for a three-month-old 
(or so I'm told), and one of her favorite things is stretching her legs,
standing on my lap and marching/tap dancing. 
 She could do it for hours if sleep didn't become a necessity 
after a while.  She also loves cooing and gooing.  
Talking and telling stories.  I love how serious she gets sometimes, 
telling me what must, in her mind, be the most important thing ever.  
I only wish I knew what she was trying to say.

The night before she and I left, I ran to the store to get some laundry detergent.
When I got back Jeremy announced that she just had her first laugh.
I was glad that she gave Jeremy a good memory before we left.
After trying for a while to pry another laugh from her that night, I gave up
trusting that her Grandpa Wells would be able to get one out of her 
on our trip.  And I was right! On Sunday night he got her laughing
for about five whole minutes.  It was so cute! 

Then, Tuesday night when we got back she unloaded a bunch 
of laughter for both of us.  Hope you enjoy!
{sorry we didn't get any laughs for you Fullmer Family.  Hope this will suffice}


  1. I LOVED the video!! She's so sweet! I love hearing your voices! Especially little M's cooing :o) What a dollface!!


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