February 7, 2012

Dear Blog

I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for the lack
of attention I've given you the past week.
Actually I think it's been more than a week.
I still love you the way I always have, but I needed
a break.  My brain just went to shut off mode.
Not to mention it was a rather busy week.

Little Miss Madeline got her two month immunizations.
Poor baby handled it like a champ, but come bed time 
nothing could soothe her but a good ole dose of tylenol. 
{thank you tylenol}

We committed to going to
The University of Maryland School of Dentistry!
hip hip hurray! It feels so good to have 
a guaranteed plan for at least the next couple of years.
The dent the necessary deposit left in our banking account, 
however, doesn't feel quite as good.

For some reason deciding where we're moving
 means we need to start packing NOW.
Jer has been packing and cleaning non stop all weekend.
Is it sad that I just found out my husband has a teeny bit of OCD?
Apparently the way I pack boxes isn't acceptable.

We finished The hubby finished finished up our taxes!
especially the ones they give you for having a baby!

Also, you'll be proud to hear I've started exercising!
I actually went for a run last monday morning at 6 o'clock in the morning.
And it felt really good! But the cold, dark, scariness has kept me from
making the trip through Wymount.  But I have been doing some 
fabulous kick butt cardio routines via hulu! go moi!
{Now if only the pounds would fall off a little bit faster...}

Madeline is getting cuter and cuter every.single.day.
She's getting much more interactive, so I guess that's
another reason you fell to the back burner.
That and I decided I'm happier when my kitchen is clean,
and that has strangely trumped my undying need to blog. ha.
Back to Madeline -- She loves having us help her stand, and she
is so proud of how well she holds her lil head up! 
She does lots and lots of talking, and notices when
you're sharing your attention with someone/something else.
I think her newest favorite thing is facing forward in the Bjorn.
She loves watching us do the dishes, and she was fascinated 
watching herself in the mirror while I curled my hair.
We're on the verge of laughter.  She's at the 
stage where she just opens her mouth in a big smile
but no noise comes out. It's killing me! 
She has let out a few chuckles of joy, like when
she's super hungry and she know's 
I'm about to feed her. It's pretty cute.  
{pretty sure I say that like 5930573984 times a day} 

Well I think that about sums it up.
You'll be excited to know I have another post ready for you tomorrow!

much love,


  1. awww yay!!! How cute :o) I love those open mouth almost laughs! Nathan used to get super happy when I was about to feed him too. He was such a sad, colicky little boy that I LOOOVED those times of day! I think we all need to see more pictures of Miss M! :o)

  2. I can't believe you'll be in Maryland! That's quite a long ways from home, but I'm so excited for you two!

    (btw I'm really glad for new posts :) )

  3. Ok question: do you just search "cardio routines" on hulu? because I could use some kick-butt ones!


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