February 9, 2012

V-day Day Dreaming

If I had a million twenty dollars I know just where I'd spend it.
I keep envisioning a Valentines Day photo shoot of our family.
Partially inspired by this photo


But also this hot mama and her adorable family!

I'm kind of in love with her blog right now.
{Thank you pinterest for leading me to her}
Seriously, this maxi skirt - I might have just died and gone to heaven.
And her tutorial makes it look so easy!

So in my head, Jeremy's wearing his black pants, black suspenders over
a white shirt with an adorable red bow-tie. 
I'm sporting a homemade maxi skirt like above -
 I can't decide, but I think red....
A white shirt with a black cardigan.  Red beads, hair curled, and maybe,
just maybe some red lipstick.... Did I really just say that? yes I did.  
{you can pick up your jaw now mom}
I thought some pictures of lipstick on M's cheek and
 probably J's too would be just heart breaking.  
Madeline's wearing a pink skirt with a long sleeved white onesie
that I've cleverly stitched a big ole red heart on. Oh and of course 
a bow in her hair - pink? Maybe? 

Can't you just see the three of us.  
The cutest dang Valentine threesome you ever did see?
I can.
Plus then I'd get the chance to play with my new tripod again. 
{self-timer style - oh yeah}

But alas, we decided food kind of trumps homemade v-day costumes.
Maybe next year.
So instead we'll celebrate by heading over to Olive Garden
with a gift card we got after Madeline was born.
That is seriously the best ''new baby'' gift ever.
Just a chance to go out and get some real good food
with no dishes and no work.  
hip hip hurray!

Well enough of my daydreaming.  You'll all just have 
to believe that it would have been a SUPER cute picture or pictures.


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