February 24, 2012

a week in spokane - part two

{If you didn't get a chance to read part one click here}

I'm kind of a sucker for surprises.  I'm be 
like a ten year old in that way.  So when we decided
I was going to fly home for a week, there was no question in my
When we pulled up to our house, my dad answered the door.
He was the only one home and on the phone but 
very suprisedly exclaimed, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" 
"We came to see you!", I said. 
His reaction was pretty good.  You couldn't wipe that smile off his
face to save his life.  It made us feel pretty special.  
Before I knew it he was on his hands and knees playing with Madeline
in the car seat.  My mom and two youngest sisters were due back soon
from a play group activity.  Peter was heading back to school (he can only
be so rebellious in one day) and my mom passed him on the driveway.
Needless to say she was VERY confused at why her perfect, school loving
son was at home during the middle of the day.  She rolled down her window to 
talk to him, but he just kept on driving.  The one thing he couldn't hid was 
the smile on his face too.  He was thinking, 'She has no idea what's waiting!'
Elizabeth, my youngest sister who is two years old, came in first, 
saw Madeline's car seat (Madeline and I were hiding in the next room),
and simply asked, "Is Madeline here?" 
My dad kind of ignored her, waiting for Emma and my mom to come in.
Pretty soon she tried again, "Where's Madeline?".  
Then my mom came in, saw the car seat and wondered to 
herself, "I wonder who's here?"  Madeline and I 
came out and she couldn't believe it! She may have been a little bit
speechless.  Mission accomplished.  Finally Emma came in.  It was 
her fifth birthday that day.  She came in and saw us and didn't really know what 
to say or do.  She warmed up pretty quickly though.  

We had lunch and worked on getting party decorations together. 
I helped make cupcakes and Emma and I drew some fairies.
{It was a fairy themed party}
Before I knew it Adam was home.  He saw me sitting at the
kitchen table with Emma and a big smile crossed his face.
He was glad to have his big sister and favorite niece
here for a week.   I thought it would be fun to pick the last
three of my family up from school. 
 {If you've lost count there's 9 kids including me.  
Christian already knew I was coming and didn't get home
til much later that night}.  

I pulled up to the carpool lane at the elementary school. 
I was a few minutes early, so I had plenty of time to wonder if 
I was in the best spot and if they'd know
where to find me.  Joshua, six, came up first.  He 
confidently walked up to the car until he realized Mom wasn't
driving the car.  He turned around, took a few steps, and then
stopped. I could tell he was thinking, 'That looked a lot like Sarah,
but Sarah lives in Utah....'  Eventually he turned around 
slowly re-approached the car.  He got in and with a very straight face
said, "What are you doing here?" I told him I had come to see him
and asked if he was surprised.  "No." Was his very cool six year old answer.
{I knew he was surprised but I didn't push it}.
Hannah and Rachel came to the car at the same time, and as 
soon as they saw me they broke out into a run.  They didn't
 try to hide their surprise/excitement like Joshua had.  haha.

That evening we celebrate Emma's fifth birthday!
Hard to believe that my little sister is five already! Happy Birthday Emma!
So glad I could come help celebrate!

p.p.s. stay tuned for the part three of our trip!


  1. cuuute!! I love your family members' reactions! I think, if we surprised my family, my mom would be mad that she didn't have time to plan and clean and shop for extra food and announce to everyone that we were coming! Haha :o)

  2. I think I love Joshua's reaction the most. What a good surprise! I'm sure they were all extremely happy to see you :)


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