February 8, 2012

you know you're cool when...

you find a can full of all the notes you saved from the first 
year and a half of high school.

The hubby didn't think waiting three more years to open 
a mysterious time capsule was really justifiable.
Especially since we're you know, moving across the country in three months.

Don't worry, I wouldn't have let anything go un-decorated.

yep... stuffed to the brim.

I didn't read all of them.  I probably would have needed a 
middle-schooler to translate them all ha.

Complete with postage stamp!

Yep - I know what you're all thinking... WHAT A FREAK!
But wait - it gets better.... 

The icing on the cake is that I apparently had a pretty fantastic
dream one night and just had to save it!
Want to hear it? k.  But you can't hold this against me.

My Awesome Dream About Andrew Wagner
{no idea who Andrew Wagner is - and yes there actually is a title at the top of the page}
It was about 2:00 am.  I had all of a sudden woken up.  I was wondering why I had woken up when a loud tapping came from the window.  I got up and found that Andrew Wagner was on top of the sun porch trying to get my attention.  I went over and opened the window.  He said he needed some help with biology (it was Thursday morning of our biology class).  I told him to meet me on the front porch. While he was climbing down, I ran to my parents room and told them I was going outside to get some fresh air.  They turned off the alarm and I grabbed the phone (just incase) bahaha I was crazy... still am. I met Andrew at the porch and we hid in the bush, just big enough for two.  He showed me his worksheet, and I could tell he had erased some of the right answers! By the way all the exclamation points are the really cool ones that are an equilateral triangle with a dot at the bottom. I looked up only to see his face when he kissed me! I could have pulled away but instead I kissed him back! It was so romantic! It was a full moon, which was good so we could see some things.  We were about to kiss again, when we heard some voices.  At first I thought it was my parents, but it was some burglars about to break into my house.  I didn't know what to do.  Then I remembered the phone! I reached for it but it was gone! I asked Andrew but he was too busy kissing me! (ooooo, aaaaah!) Finally I slapped him and he gave me the phone and I started realizing what was happening! I dialed 911 and they said they'd send some cops.  Just as I thought all was going right, a burglar noticed us and shot right at me.  Andrew noticed him too, and jumped in front of me! When I realized he'd been shot, I tore my shirt and pressed some of it in his wound.  When the cops caught all the burglars I came out of hiding and told them we needed and ambulance for Andrew.  It came and he was ok! I went to see him in the hospital and he said he wanted to marry me! I said we were both too young and other reasons.  He asked what the other reasons were and I answered I'd tell him later.  He was disappointed, but I knew I was doing the right thing.  When I turned 16 we dated and he always respected my beliefs! (Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!) Finally, after a lot of explaining, I invited him to Hannah's baptism, and then to church! He seemed to really like the church.  He convinced his parents to let him go to JCS (with me!) That was the school I was attending at the time. When it came time for us to be going to college, he told me he wanted to be baptized! I was so excited I couldn't believe it.  We both went off to college (I went to BYU) and when we got back he asked me to marry him! Of course I said YES! He also told me he was going to med school! I was excited but told him that it was a long process.  We were married in the SLC Temple and one year later we had a little girl of our own! We grew old together and everything was perfect! He also made me laugh a lot! ( I love that!)  Like my life will ever be that perfect, but oh well.  I'll keep dreaming! And ok, maybe I did make a lot of this up, but it was pretty cool! 

So if there was ever any doubt about my
 being a hopeless romantic you can rest easy.  I really am.

Well I think that's enough for one day.
Also, this can't be black mail because I put it 
on the internet all by myself.  
Just wanted to point that out.


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