February 7, 2012

we like our dinner dates cheap

And there's no better place to get some bang 
for your buck at 11:00 at night than the one and only
Sadly it's one of our favorite restaurants.... 
We've really been trying to break the habit, and we have been
a lot better this semester! First time last Saturday! Go us! 

We had worked hard all day, and didn't really have anything
to cook with, and so we did it.  We caved.
''Get my mama her food so I can go to bed!" 

{still teaching the hubby how to use the camera...}

the trinity - burger, fries and shake. 


but wait, he gets even more attractive.

And it was so good.


  1. Sometimes there's just nothing quite like burgers and fries....I caved and had Jack in the Box for lunch yesterday...


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