February 28, 2012

Confession: I have baby fever

First things first, I'd like to make sure that EVERYBODY
understands I am NOT pregnant again.
I'd also like to make it perfectly clear that we haven't
started planning when we want to have our second baby
and I don't know when we will
{our bank account is still recovering from Madeline}

But I would like to confess that I have baby fever.
I LOVED giving birth.  I loved the whole experience.
I loved holding Madeline for the first time.  And I've 
loved every second of the past three months.

In the past week or so it seems like half of the world
had a baby.  Ok not really... but that's what it feels like.
And then I saw these pictures taken by my 
good friend Alaina

Just after that I saw these pictures

And you know what - it's just too much for me to handle... 
so yes.  I admit it.  I've been thinking about babies a lot lately.
Really new babies to be exact.  And there's nothing wrong with that.
Right?  I guess I should also confess that I've found myself on
babyname websites more than once lately.... ssshhh..... don't tell Jeremy!

We really aren't ready at all to have another baby.  But I had no
idea I'd feel this way so soon.  Luckily I'm pretty good at conjuring up some 
memories of when I looked like a hippo  and that awful waiting game.
So I think I'm alright waiting a little while longer.
And I know Jeremy is.  Oh and our savings account wants
to wait too.  So no new baby too soon.
For now we'll just keep enjoying this bundle of joy
{the bundle of joy that's growing up way too fast}

p.s. When I was pregnant I really wanted to have Madeline's 
birth documented like the two pictures above. And I let
people talk me out of it.  And I really regret it... so if 
you're even considering it I say go for it! Because
I'm for sure not letting anyone talk me out of it again!


  1. cuuute :o) Haha I think we'll all always have baby fever till we know we've had our last babies! Just knowing you're not done gives you a whole side of things to get excited about! Although we're LOVING our full nights of sleep right now :o)

  2. Sometimes I'll feel baby fever but then I remember I still have a baby and I slap myself back to reality.


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