January 28, 2012

a twist on pizza

Almost every Saturday is pizza night around this family's place.
Last week I decided I needed a change from our usual pizza.
So I decided to try a little twist - or shall I say 'fold'.

We have a dough we always use that I got from my sister-in-law.
Its so good, and most importantly super easy!

1. Put 7/8 C very warm (but not too hot) water in a bowl
Sprinkle 1 T yeast and 1 t sugar over the water and wait for it to bloom
(approximately 5 minutes)

2. While that's blooming, 
 Mix 2 and 1/4 C Flour and 1 t of salt
I like to add some added spices too.  
Like oregano, italian seasoning, basil, garlic salt/powder.

3. Pour your yeast mixture into the dry ingredients
and mix well (I usually start with a spoon and end up with my hands)

4. Add 2 t of oil and mix til a nice 'normal' dough

Letting it rise isn't necessary, but we like to let ours rise a little.
Just for a little added fluff-ness. If you do let it rise, make sure you cover it.

Normally after letting it rise for a little bit I usually roll it out
on a lightly floured counter top.  Then I put cheese about an inch 
from the edge of the pizza. I fold it over and press it down to 
keep it from opening in the oven.  (Basically you just made a cheesy crust). 
Assemble the rest of your pizza like you normally would, 
only I brush a beaten egg on the cheesy crust and sprinkle garlic powder on
 my half and garlic salt on Jeremy's half.

Bake at 425 for 11 minutes and you have yourself a DELICIOUS pizza!

But, like I said, this time I put a little twist on it.

Make the same crust and roll it out. 
Next cut into 8 triangles and arrange like so.

Spread your sauce around.

Add your desired toppings
{I used mozzarella cheese, chopped pepperoni,
italian sausage, and diced bell peppers}

Next tuck the tips of your triangles under and around your toppings.

Right out of the oven! mmm.... smells so good!
We have a pizza stone that we LOVE! 
{Thank you wedding gift cards}
To keep it from sticking to the stone
and with out the mess of corn meal, 
I cook it on a piece of parchment paper.
But put your dough on the paper before assembling your pizza!

TA- DA! Wouldn't this be a great dish to display at a dinner party
or as an appetizer?  You could put almost anything in in it. 
Like ham and cheese... and... well I'll let you get creative!

I'd love to hear if you come up with anything
 to take this recipe to yet another level!

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