January 8, 2012

Married with a Baby

When you get married, everyone tells you to appreciate the 
time you have along together now, because when that baby comes, 
you're gonna wish you had more alone time. 
They tell you your relationship will never be the same, 
and that it'll be hard not to fight and argue all the time. 
Kind of sad that most of the world sees it that way.  
As an inhibitor of a free expression of love between 
husband and wife.  I personally think that since having
 Madeline I've fallen even more head-over-heels in love with my husband, 
in ways deeper than I ever imagined.

There's something very intimate about
 bringing a child into the world together.
I don't know of any way to accurately describe it.  
It's a leap of faith that you take together, relying on the 
Lord that together the three of you can make it.  

You don't know how much you love someone
 until they offer to let you go to sleep because you're tired,
 even though they've had as much sleep as you.

You don't realize what a keeper he is until he, with out thinking,
 helps your two-year-old sister as she throws up on
 the way to the airport. Especially when you know 
such an act would make his stomach turn.
  {I don't think he would have done this before Madeline got here}

Loving him was never so easy as when he 
volunteered to get her ready for church because you're running late.

The words 'green eggs and ham' never sounded so
 melodious until you've listened to them rolling off 
of your husbands tongue and into your daughters tiny ears.   

I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't worried about our relationship being so different after the baby came that we felt like complete strangers working day in and day out over the needs of a tiny demanding human.  And I'm not going to say that our relationship is exactly the same as it was before.  But we're still the same people.  We still love each other.  We are simply, now, working as a companionship to help meet the needs of a daughter of God.  And there is no greater work that this.  

The other night as we were cleaning up dinner, Jeremy took me in his arms, dipped me, kissed me, and then danced me around the kitchen floor, complete with his own singing for music.  And in that moment I knew that we could still be our fun, spontaneous old selves.  It's true that there's a lot more to be done before we have time for kitchen romancing, and it requires a lot more effort to make sure we still have husband and wife time.  But I'm glad to know that it can still happen.  
Because I sure love spending time with my hubby.


  1. Yes :) and it keeps getting better. More work, but full of blessings. What a great journal you are writing.

  2. I love it! SOOO true! Mitch changed immediately after Nathan was born, calling other people's babies "precious blessings", etc., when he never noticed babies before. It's so true that a woman becomes a mother when she gets pregnant, and a man becomes a father when he sees his baby...when we get to see them feeling towards a baby what we've felt for so long, it's heart-wrenching! :o)

  3. So cute! You and Jer are a great example :)


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