January 5, 2012

Do you ever feel like...

there's a million things flying through your head and 
you have some really great ideas and tons of things 
to get done and if you don't do them right now or write
 them down real quick-ie like everything 
will just go up in one big poof of something? 

I'm guessing that due to the fact that most of you are human 
{I do not know of any aliens currently following this blog}
you know what I mean - even if that first run-on sentence was 
just a teeny bit exasperating. 

Anyhoo.... That's how I'm feeling.  
There's probably 10 blog post ideas in my 
head right now, so I thought I'd share a few 
with you so I remember to do them all. 
Hopefully the details of what I was planning to
 say will stick with me.  Why am I not just making a
 bunch of posts and setting them to post later you ask? 
{I just figured out how to do that btw - nbd} 
Because I am tired.  I've had a semi-productive 
day and Madeline just fell asleep.

Speaking of that, I'm trying 
The Ferber Method of 'Cry it Out' right now. 
I always said that I'd never let my
 kids cry themselves to sleep until they are 
like 6-8 months old.  But today, maybe 
not today, but recently, I came to the realization
that I will go crazy if this girl doesn't 
get on some kind of nightly routine soon.

So about 10:00 I gave her a bath, 
rubbed her with lavender lotion {love that stuff}, 
fed her, swaddled her, read her a story, 
sang her a song, gave her a kiss and laid her down.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Ferber Method 
basically you let them cry for a few minutes then
 go in let them know they're ok, stick the binky 
back in their mouth, etc  and leave the room.  
You don't pick them up or turn on the light.  
Just let them know you still love them. 

If/when they start crying again you wait a few 
more minutes than the last time then go in 
again and tell them you love them.

I laid her down about 11:05 and didn't hear a
 peep til 11:15 or so.  I let her cry for about 5-6 minutes 
{one of the hardest things I've ever had to do}
 then went in.  She took the binky again I didn't hear
 anything for another ten minutes or so.  
She cried for a few more minutes and then fell back asleep.  
And then woke up once more and fell back asleep.  
It's been probably about twenty minutes and I 
still haven't heard a thing! woot woot! 
So maybe I won't tell you about any 
more post ideas and I'll just go to bed! 

But just because it wouldn't be any 
fun to read a post with out at least one picture, 
here's a sneak preview of Madeline's blessing day.
She and her cousin, Scarlett, were blessed the same day
so naturally there was a photo shoot.
I promise we got better ones than this.




  1. haha that picture is hilarious! I love crying baby pics... :o)

    I'm glad you're still giving her attention and helping her have something to soothe herself with at night. So many parents think Ferberizing is just about leaving them alone to fight it out all night. Go Sarah! :o) Nathan was totally a ferberized baby. It worked wonders for him!

  2. I totally know what you mean about having a lot of ideas. Madeline's dress is adorable!

  3. Is this just a sneak preview?


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