January 11, 2012

The last hurrah of Christmas

Christmas morning I was running into church a little late.
{It's amazing how much longer it takes to get out the door with a baby!}
Husband and I were asked to give the opening and closing prayers of our worship service that day.  For some reason we assumed he was to give the opening prayer, so he hurried in ahead of me and I was left to bring the baby in.  Madeline was wearing the cutest little Christmas outfit her Grandpa Wells got her.
As I was walking through the doors I realized my hand was a little wet after touching the bum in my arms.  Pulling her away from me there were lovely little yellow poop blotches all over my shirt and her tights were soaked.  I made a mad dash to the mother's lounge, changed her, fed her, and made it just in time to hear my dad speak.  {I missed hearing my sister, Hannah, play the harp....}

Needless to say, we didn't get pictures of Madeline in her adorable Christmas outfit.  
So the other day we popped her back in that outfit and took a couple pictures.
Hope you enjoy!

''Thanks for trying to make me smile daddy, but you're blocking the light!''

Love these tights!

Love this little girl!

Sometimes her bigger smiles look like she's crying on camera...

A little curtsey

This is her stand up comedian look.

Gang signs

Ah I'm gonna karate chop you!

And finally a beautiful smile from our beautiful girl.


  1. Gosh she just keeps getting cuter and cuter--I didn't think it was possible! LOVE the pictures :)

  2. i love these tights. and gross about the blowout!

  3. she is so cute!! those tights are absolutely adorable!


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