January 5, 2012

How to get out of Tummy Time 101

I'll admit it. We haven't been very faithful about making sure 
Madeline gets enough tummy time.
It happens most days but we definitely haven't worked up to 15 mins.
It's hard when there's always someone wanting to hold her!

Today was our first day home. 
And I was bound and determined to 
get her through at least a solid ten minutes.  
But our crafty little girl had other plans.

Thats right. We aren't such horrible parents that we
 leave our baby face down in her own spit up.
{But we are so horrible that we take a picture before wiping her off - ha}


  1. haha that is hilarious! What a smart girl! :o)

  2. Gross! At first I thought it was a bunch of Vaseline she got into, then I came to my senses and realized she's not old enough to open a Vaseline jar.


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