January 9, 2012

my new best friend

Meet shout.  He and I are close these days.
And I get to visit him again today because somebody 
just had blowout # 2957385939202
{slight exaggeration}

The husband is leaving town today and will be gone most of the week.... Sad day....
BUT the up side is that means he graciously was forced volunteered 
to change this one last diaper before he leaves!
 Hurray for one less diaper to change! 

The last thing I heard from the bedroom was a very sarcastic, 
"oooh its all up your back! That's AWESOME!"

Gotta love parenthood!


  1. oh man...those are the days, aren't they? lol And it's a total trade-off, too, because once the stinkies go solid, they smell SOOO much worse!

    We've always been loyal Huggies users. They are the only diapers with elastic all the way across the back, and 2-3 layers of elastic on the legs. TOTALLY worth it. They cut down on our blowouts MAJORLY. So did going up a size as your friend on FB suggested.


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