January 19, 2012

A Blessed Day

On New Years Day, Madeline was given a name and a blessing by her Dad.

It was a beautiful blessing.  
I wish I remembered more of what Jeremy said.
I was so caught up in the moment, and the spirit was so 
strong that I can't seem to remember the words.
For as long as I can remember, 
every time I've been in a Sacrament Meeting where 
a baby is blessed I'd say a prayer in my heart 
asking Heavenly Father to help me meet and marry 
a man worthy to take me to the Temple, 
and worthy to give our children a name and a blessing
when the time was right.
I'm so grateful that prayer was answered.

Madeline was blessed the same day as her 
cousin Scarlett, who was born just three
weeks after her.  Since Madeline was born first she was 
blessed first too.  After Madeline's blessing, Jon,
 Jeremy's brother and Scarlett's dad, offered to bring
Madeline back to me since he was going to get his daughter 
for her blessing anyway. And Jon, being Jon, 
did the "Simba"/show off baby to the congregation with Madeline.
{Jeremy thinks its cheesy and wasn't going to do it lol}

It was just a really beautiful day. 
And now to entertain you with endless pictures!

Madeline talking to Grandpa Wells

And Madeline with Grandpa Fullmer

Madeline with Mommy

Madeline asleep

And Madeline awake
{I'm just glad she was quiet through the whole blessing. 
She had her binky but not a peep!}

So I thought we got a big(ger) group shot, but I guess not lol

Madeline with the Fullmer Grandparents

And Madeline with the Wells Grandparents

Our happy family!

Madeline's dress
{Can't believe I finished it - that morning....ha}

And sadly most of the pictures I got of Madeline and Scarlett 
could be considered bloopers lol But that's what you get with 
a spontaneous baby shoot and not much time!

I absolutely LOVE this picture! 

Sliding down

"Hey Scarlett, why are you crying?"

"You're silly Scarlett"

This is probably the best shot of her dress with her in it.

Scarlett was just not very happy that morning.

A little E.T. finger action lol

Getting a little bored

And we're done...


  1. hahaha SOOOO precious--and funny! I love the pictures of the sweet little ones! The picture of Jeremy's parents holding M is so funny, she's screaming! I love the last picture...I always include those, just for fun :o)


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