January 25, 2012

Two Months Old

Last Saturday our little bundle officially became 
Where does the time go?
She has changed so much, and it's hard to
 believe how much more she's going to change.

{sorry these pictures are horrible quality, but it's not like I could 
ask her to wait a second while I messed around with all the settings
on my camera ha.  I just shot away!}

At her 2 month check up, she weighed 11 lbs 4 oz
She's 23.5 inches long,
and she still has a big head - just like her mama.....

Madeline loves smiling at everyone and everything

Her new thing is making lots of ooing and gooing noises
that just about melt this mama's heart!

She's always making us laugh

And making our days brighter

Nothing could make my days any better
 than waking up to this smiling little girl!

Can you tell she thinks she's cute? 


I'm just like everyone else, I LOVE comments :)