January 10, 2012

That moment

I've been reading a book called The Baby Whisperer.
It's really quite good.  I may have judged it wrongfully at first
{Never judge a book by one teeny paragraph that
 you randomly flipped open to in the middle of the book.  
It will lead you astray}  I really recommend it though!
 And I've only read like Chapter 1.
Anyhoo... in this book, the author talks about
 how everyone has a moment when they suddenly realize, 
"Oh my goodness! We have a baby!" 

So I'm sitting on an airplane flying home from Christmas break reading this and laughing.  
Because I totally hadn't had a moment like that.  
And then last night it happened.

It wasn't a bad moment.  It was just that moment. 
Jeremy and I make pizza almost every Saturday night. 
 Or we did up until about 7 weeks ago.
And we usually eat our pizza sitting on the couch watching a movie. 
So last night we decided to pick that tradition back up.
I'd laid Madeline down in her crib just before we started eating. 
About half-way through the movie, I heard a baby cry.
It was the weirdest thing. And don't call me a bad person,
 but I'd kind of forgotten that we had a baby for about half an hour. 
 Don't get me wrong, I was glad to be reminded, 
I was just so into the movie, maybe, and the fact that we
 hadn't ever done this particular tradition when we had a baby
made me totally forget.  Hence, I had that moment

The Baby Whisperer knows what she's talking about.
Because I'm thoroughly convinced that everybody has that moment.

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  1. oh man, I totally know how that goes. You're a better woman than me; I've forgotten I had a kid a couple of times. The worst was when Nathan was about two weeks old; my first excursion out of the house (and up off the couch and down the stairs) since my c-section. We were at Walmart and we just got out and started walking into the store...we'd completely left Nathan in the car! Luckily it was only for 30 seconds, he was asleep, and no one noticed, but we felt horrible and we still laugh about it! We were almost to the doors of the store!


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