January 9, 2012


I kind of feel like this is it.  2012 is the year 
that I'm really going to be better.
I'm finally to the point in my life where I can
 focus on all those things I want to master.
This year I have a lot of resolutions.  
I know that's usually a bad thing.  People say that you 
should just choose one or two things to really focus on that 
way its easier to actually accomplish them. 
But I'm that personality that needs a lot going on to get stuff done.  
Otherwise I feel like I have all the time in the world 
to get something done and I just keep procrastinating. 
 I need organized chaos.

So here are my 2012 New Years Resolutions
Be Happy!
 Following these resolutions will help you become the happy person you want to be! 

Be spiritual
Personal and Family scripture study daily
 Make Family Home Evening happen
Go to the Temple once a week
Strive daily to become more like Christ
Look at all people as the children of God they are. 
Look for ways to serve others – including strangers. 

Be productive
Start the Morning out right: Get up early, Make the bed, Exercise,
 Make a healthy breakfast each day, Shower
   Get jobs done early each day
 No tv during the day, unless feeding Madeline
Limit computer time

Be Smart
Get a library card and enjoy learning for fun
Learn more about China
Read everyday - Join Book Club
Make a budget and STICK TO IT!

Be Healthy
Exercise daily
 Avoid junk food - especially at the grocery store
Don’t eat late at night
 Have a positive attitude about yourself no matter how you think you look
Plan wholesome dinners in advance

Be clean
No dishes in the sink when you go to bed
 Stick to your cleaning schedule

 Be Creative
Find ways to continue to develop your talents
You are happier when you spend some time being creative.  
This is your “you” time

Be a wife
Spend time listening to Jeremy’s needs 
(the ones he vocalizes and the ones he doesn’t)
Make a conscious effort to be appreciative and encouraging
No computer when Jeremy is free
Find things to do together other than tv (i.e. puzzle, game, talking)
Make sure we have a least one (cheap) date every week
Practice being SELF-LESS like Christ.  Put Jeremy’s needs first.

Be a Mom
Get Madeline on a nightly schedule
Spend time each day helping her learn and grow
Make sure she knows you love her

I know this is kind of a lot of resolutions, but as we talked about what we wanted to change this year, there wasn't really anything I felt I could take off this list.  So here's to an organized chaos of resolutions!  Happy New Year! A week late....

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  1. i'm curious why you want to learn more about China?! have you been there? not sure if you picked up from the blog that i've been there five times. LOVE IT!

    thanks for stopping by and saying hey. i loved your comment. :)



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