December 21, 2014

for the sake of documentation: christmas sunday pictures

^^ I was setting up the self-timer for a group picture when this happened. 
And my heart was all "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ^^

^^ Someone's in that "smile so big you look like a pig" phase right now :) 
One of those this we'll just forget if we don't save it somewhere ^^

^^ For once this cute boy didn't want to smile, 
he only wanted to "talk" :) Still so cute! ^^

This certainly won't go down in the books as one of my best photoshoots. It's a sad day when you realize at the end you've been shooting at 800 ISO that whole time............ *sigh* At least it was at home with my kids ;) I picked a bad time to plop our family in front of the Christmas tree. But, hey, we got a group shot for Christmas 2014. I'll take it :) 

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