December 20, 2014

simple celebration

^^ You'd better believe we stole a kiss under that thing! ^^

^^ Kind of hard to tell, but that's two paint cans an an iron :) Name that movie.... ^^

^^ She was in awe the whole time... ^^

While we did want to keep our anniversary simple, I was game for any plan that involved getting out of the house and any excuse to avoid doing dishes ;) We tried out a Mediterranean restaurant in Federal Hill (Babas - very tasty!) and swung by 34th street in Hamden to see the spectacular lights. It's great to live in a city with so much character.

Stephanie Nielson posted a picture of their family around a birthday cake a few days ago. The caption read, "Happy birthday to our family! We are 14 years old today!!" I feel like that's what we did the other night. We celebrated the birth of our family AS a family. It won't always be that way. There are plenty of romantic dates for two in our future, and I'm sure looking forward to them! But for here and now, four years into this adventure, we went out together, the four of us.

I hope as our kids grow they remember the importance of our marriage, not only for us, but for them! I hope they know and understand the significance of where it happened. And I hope that each year on December 18th they remember that sacred event that happened once upon a time.


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