December 18, 2014

happy anniversary

Sometimes I just really want to be alone. An hour, a day, sometimes I wish for more like a month...  But then I think about what life would be like with no one.

No one to share the load of dishes, laundry, cleaning and taking care of the kids.

No one to pick up the slack when you just can't.

No one to run to the store for saltines and seven-up when you're sick.

No shoulder to cry into at the end of a long day.

No one to warm the sheets on your side of the bed in the dead of winter.

No one to share good news with.

No one to share hopes and dreams with.

No one to put before yourself.

There is no doubt in my mind that a loving God orchestrated His plan around couples, a man and a woman, who love and respect one another. Thinking of life without this guy makes me sad. Because while life would still good and worth living, I don't think it would ever feel complete. 

I'm eternally grateful for a husband who is good and kind, who works hard and puts others first. Seriously, this guy spent his two days off last week doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen because I was in a funk. He dried my tears about non-sensical stresses of life before falling asleep last night. He'll always have my back and he'll never stop believing in me.

Dear Jeremy, I love you. Thanks for the best four years of my life. I'm looking forward to another forty and beyond.

As a side, after four years I think we've finally figured out the whole anniversary thing. Think low expectations. No cards, gifts or grandiose celebrations. It's not our wedding day. It's an extra special day, once a year, to remember a sacred event that happened once upon a time.

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