December 23, 2014

around here lately

^^ The first snowfall is so exciting! I don't think Luke had any idea 
what they were looking at, but he enjoyed being up on the windowsill :) ^^

^^ homemade baby gates aren't as effective as store-bought... ^^

^^ So proud of himself for getting onto the stool :) ^^

^^ we're all so happy to be making sugar cookies ;) ^^

^^ We got to make a cookie cutter using a 3D printer a few weeks ago. 
Guess what the dental student thought we should make ;) ^^

^^ One of these things is not like the other.... haha ^^

^^ There's been lots of great movie watching happening :) 
Mostly me by myself, but you know. I don't mind so much. ^^

Hope your December has been full of all your favorite holiday activities and the people you love. A similar post  from last year can be seen here. Can't believe we only had one kid last Christmas and it's amazing how much she's grown! 

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