December 28, 2014


Master Luke is officially one. Or as Madeline announced today, "Luke is the onest baby ever!" This boy is seriously the best. He's stolen my heart and I don't even want it back. Strangers stop me all the time to tell me what a happy boy he is, "with such big, round, BLUE eyes!" Two weeks ago he decided he was ready to walk and he's been cruising all over the place. He took his first steps to Madeline at ten months, but it took him a little time to gain the confidence to make it a regular thing. The stage where they're toddling and it looks like they're about to fall with every step they take but they never fall, that's where we are. And I love it. Seeing his tiny little self walk all over the house always makes me smile :)

In the past couple days he's seemed to be more aware of words and has started verbalizing more. He says mama, dada (not always in the right context ;) ) and "uh-oh" and "cheese" when we're taking pictures!!! Oh my goodness, melt my heart. 

He's a growing happy boy and my goodness we're so glad he joined our family one year ago. 

Happy birthday Luke!

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