December 2, 2014

perfect day at the beach

^^ be still my beating heart. ^^

We made it home from Florida last night around 1:00am. Luke seems to have caught a stomach bug... not the most ideal start to a trip home when the baby throws up in the car a mile away from the airport. But we made it. 

It's 36 degrees and rainy outside. Our house is a whirlwind of suitcases and dirty piles of laundry.... I'm nervously watching Luke for continuing signs of sickness. 

Looking through these photos from our day at the beach last week is just what I needed right now. What a perfect day it was.... Playing in the sand, feeling the breeze off the ocean, the warm sun on our faces. Watching the sun drop lower and lower beyond the horizon. Roasting hot dogs and savoring the evening with loved ones. I sure wouldn't mind doing that a few more times in my lifetime. 

I'm feeling especially grateful this morning for pictures and memories that make returning to reality a little more bearable. Proof that it all happened. A reminder that more vacations will come and enduring the sometimes mundane things of life is worth it for days like this. 

And now, washing machine, I submit myself to your yoke of bondage.... 

Happy Tuesday friends

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