March 2, 2012

a madeline update

Madeline is growing every day.
She loves talking and laughing. She knows
how to get your attention.  
She's started grabbing things a little 
more intentionally and views the 
world with curiosity and excitement.

Her newest thing is scooting around in
circles.  She kicks and wiggles and usually 
pulls a 180 before too long
{sadly it's not helping her bald spot -
 but it won't last forever, right!}

When I laid her down this morning
for a nap, her head was at one
side of the crib and she was wrapped up 
pretty well.  It wasn't a true swaddle 
but her legs were snug as a bug 
in a rug. When I heard that she 
was awake, I went into her room and 
found a much different sight than I left.

I'm still not sure how she does it, but she does!

Today I noticed she's started scooting forward.
Nothing major, but she's getting the idea.
Her favorite toy is a zebra with all sorts
of gadgets on his "feet".  Technically it's 
supposed to attach to a car seat, 
but she enjoys it so much we 
use it as tummy time incentive!

Last night Jeremy brought a balloon home from work.
Every time the air comes on the balloon goes up and down and
all around and Madeline is in her swing watching it.
It's fun seeing her eyes follow it.

Nothing gets past this girl!

These are the dancing toes I keep mentioning. 
I love them so much! 
{sorry it's out of focus... I couldn't even
see what I was filming so count yourselves lucky!}

And I was going to upload another video but it's not cooperating...
so maybe I'll try on another post.

Sorry, kind of a boringish post.
But yay for a few pictures!


  1. cuuute!! I love pictures of this girl! I want to hold her and squeeze her and watch her make awesome faces!

  2. When Emily's baby Preston was about that age we got him a bouncing seat that played music. He reacted to the music immediately, bouncing and dancing. There is something within a baby that just reacts to music. Madeline's feet are cute.


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