March 21, 2012

to those husbands who think we are beautiful no matter what

I was overwhelmed by all the love and support I received Monday after this post.  I must admit that I wasn’t posting it to get anyone’s attention or have a bunch of people boost my self-esteem. I was simply trying to write it all out and get my feelings off my chest and into the open.  {I even considered turning comments off for a couple days, but I often times mess everything up when I try to change things on the blog – so I passed on that}  But thank you thank you to all of you who commented, called, texted, facebooked, emailed, or simply said something in passing.  It meant a lot.  You made me feel like I have a purpose.  And I’m very excited by how natural it felt to lay it all out on the table.  {This book people – I’m telling ya!  Okay, I should probably finish the book before I recommend it, but I’m loving it so far}. 

For a long time I’ve wanted to have a widely popular blog that was fun and quirky and fashionable and just posted fun happy things all the time. But the other day I realized I don’t have to make my life seem perfect on the blog.  Now before you exit out and stop following me, let me say that I have no intention of making this my venting place. I don’t want to only post about my hard days and make everybody else’s life doomy-gloomy.  I hope to simply speak the truth.  Including the hard days and the wonderful days, and hopefully it’ll mostly be happy.  Alrighty, enough un-structured rambling thoughts and on to the slightly structured stuff.

The funny thing about self-worth is you can’t get it from anybody else.  You have to learn and decide for yourself that you are beautiful and that your life and purpose is beautiful.  I hate to think of the way Jeremy has yearned to be able to help me. {he does help me A LOT! But I felt like I had gotten to the point where I really needed to stand on my own two feet and figure it out on my own.  Just me and the Lord}.  He tells me I’m beautiful.  That he loves me.  He cares for me.  And I know he does.  But if I don’t believe those things then it is sometimes hard to hear.  I’m sure I’m not alone on this one.  Scenario: Your husband gets home from work/school, you haven’t showered and if you have make-up on it’s minimal. Your hair is either rocking a pony tail or just straight up crazy.  The baby is crying, dishes haven’t been done, toys everywhere and your t-shirt and baggy jeans are anything but sexy.  So this handsome, clean, hunk of wonderful husband of yours encircles you in his arms and says, “[insert your name here] Sarah, you are beautiful.”  And you just about fall apart because you feel anything but beautiful.   Not to mention, the other day when you did shower and applied some mascara, maybe fixed your hair and put your nicest outfit on, subconsciously {or consciously}, hoping for a compliment and a, “Who is this woman and what happened to my wife?!” {not really but ya know}, not a word was mentioned about the extra effort put into personal hygiene and appearance.  Why do we let that bug us?  Why can’t we be happy and accept that our husbands, these wonderful men who bought a diamond and asked us to spend eternity with them, really do think we’re beautiful? Baggy jeans and all. Maybe I’m the only one out there that feels this way.  But I am doing better.  And it feels good.  

So apparently I’ve turned into a longer-post writer… hope that’s ok.  If it’s not, you probably took off a while ago and are no longer reading.  I had some other thoughts to share but I think I’ll just save them for another day.  Just to lighten the mood I thought you’d all enjoy thisSNL clip.

Happy Wednesday everybody! We’re going to be enjoying a 
beautiful sixty-degree sun-shiney day!


  1. again.. still not married lol but I feel like your posts apply to everyone. I had the hardest time accepting compliments in High School, but then I realized how rude it made me look thinking people were just making things up. I realized I feel better when I accept it and i'm much happier...and those compliments usually come when I roll out of bed, throw on some yoga pants and put my hair in a messy bun..weird how that works. None-the-less you have a great husband! Glad Jeremy treats you so well :)

  2. You're so so sweet Sarah! I just love reading these posts--I feel for ya!


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