March 2, 2012


We love camping.  But you can't really go camping 
in the dead of winter in Utah with a baby...
So I took Jeremy on a top secret surprise date
and we went CAMPING! 
{bedroom style}

Took me just under forever to get this tent up.
We also had a campfire (candles), 
slept under the stars (glow n' the dark stars),
and listened to 11 minutes of free outdoor noises .

What campout would be complete without games! 
We played card games and the hershey bar game!
{i love chocolate}

Oh and of course we had s'mores!
ssshhhhh.... don't tell anybody we lit candles!
{also, you should know, if you use scented candles
you may end up with flavored s'mores...}

I sure love date night with this handsome hubby!

Oh - and I love chocolate... did I mention that?

p.s. we still have the glow stars on our ceiling.  
And I think they'll stay there for a while.


  1. Cutest thing EVER!!!!!!!!! Love it :)

  2. This is adorable! Your tent looks masterfully designed!

  3. cute! I'm very impressed with that tent! I'm not creative enough to hang anything from the ceiling! I think it's funny that you can't light candles! You are so creative, figuring out how to do almost everything you do on a camping trip indoors! (I'm sure you didn't get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night while fearing for your life that you'd never make it back to the tent! lol)


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