March 31, 2012

utah lake

A couple days ago we went for a family walk around Utah Lake.  We had no idea how close we live to this beautiful place.  It was probably a five minute drive.  Maybe eight minutes, tops.  Our breath was taken away by the view, the rocks and the seemingly floating purple mountains.

The placement of this sign made me chuckle

Beautiful Mount Timpanogos

We are hoping to be able to take a few more walks along this shore and maybe have a full out pic-nic before we head out of town in just THREE SHORT WEEKS! The semester is winding down so fast.  We can hardly believe it!  Today marks the start of Conference Weekend! I love CONFERENCE WEEKEND!  Happy weekending friends!

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  1. beautiful! Love the bokeh with the wheat in the second to last picture and the leading lines in the last one! You're awesome! :o) Wow, 3 weeks!! We're getting ready to lose Mitch's sister and her husband to Seattle in just one week from sad!! Well, exciting for them, sad for us.


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