March 30, 2012

little friends

With the beautiful weather we've been having lately there's been lots of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors.  Whether it's socializing in the quad just outside our window, going for a walk with friends or just having the windows open, we've been LOVING the weather! There's a little playgroup going in our ward right now and I don't know how much Madeline has been enjoying it, but I've sure loved getting to know other moms and get out of hibernation and socialize.  It's been great.  Madeline has, however, found quite the little following of handsome young fellas.  There's probably five or six little boys less than a year older than her that are always fascinated by her bow and her toys and wanting to entertain her.  It's pretty cute.  Although her daddy is considering more and more seriously getting a gun; not til she's like twelve, but he's realizing we're not the only ones who think she's a pretty cute little girl.

One of our favorite lil boys to have play dates with is Thayne.  His parents are from Spokane as well.  I recently realized it would be awesome if we watched each others' kids so that we could each get some husband and wife time.  They were kind enough to watch Madeline a couple weeks ago so we could go to the Temple and last night they let us return the favor.  Thayne was so fun to have in our home, although I'm so not ready to have a baby as heavy as he is.  It's amazing what a couple extra months will do to a baby!  I took a few snapshots of the two of them together last night.  Nothing professional, but hope you enjoy! {And by a few snapshots I mean seventeen...}

Thayne wasn't quite sure what to think at first.

But he warmed up just fine.  Isn't he a CUTIE!?!

Wish Madeline would have smiled too... but you get what you get.

Love the matching double-chins ha

I think she may have been taking care of some personal business at the moment
- k not really but her facial expression combined with his would make you
think so would it lol

Madeline: I wonder if he'll notice if I just slide my hand into his...

Thayne: What are you trying to do Madeline?
Madeline: shooooot.....

Just putting herself out there

Not enough personal space for Thayne

And then somehow Madeline got into a pushup position and decided to
 show off her awesome form.  Still not sure how this last one happened.  

Thayne was such a great little boy.  He tried so hard to help Madeline be happy while Jeremy was putting some clothes on her.  I was holding her at the time and he fought out of my arms and crawled to the other room to rescue her from the evils of pants and jackets.  It was really cute. We're so sad that these little kids won't be able to grow up together.  Thayne and his family are moving to Seattle and as you all know we're moving to Baltimore.  Can't get much further than that... Here's to hoping they both get accepted to BYU and meet there someday :)  Just kidding... it would be funny though, wouldn't it? 


  1. Madeline is such a delicate little cutie! Rose was a CHUNK by that age. Jay was small too. I think both the chubs and the slims are fun in their own ways. Now they're both just SO HEAVY--I know what you mean when you say you're not ready for the extra weight. My arms are mostly numb and shaky after church every Sunday from holding heavy children. Also after I run with the double jogger. The up side is I'm getting some serious bicep definition without going to a weight room! Madeline really is adorable. Good job to you. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I love it! I was dying laughing by the time I got to the last picture. Really, how does she do that? With muscles like that, she'll be able to intimidate ALL the boys


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