March 24, 2012

reminiscing pregnancy

Remember this post?  And this one, too? It's so weird reading old posts about being pregnant.  I feel like I've forgotten a lot about pregnancy.  Remembering how badly I wanted to see her face and watch her kick in my arms and not my belly is kind of weird.  My days revolve around her 99% of the time now.  And I love that, its just, I don't know, strange to reminisce.  I feel as though I've had her beautiful face engrained in my memory forever, but I haven't.  

 As I was thinking about this last night I was remembering the video my dad put together for our wedding reception and I thought I'd share it with you.  Who does she look more like? Everybody tells us she looks like me but with Jeremy's build and his hair.  But after looking at some of his baby pictures on this video I'm not so sure anymore.  I'd love to hear your thoughts :)


  1. Somehow I never saw this slideshow?! It is SO cute. I love all of the pictures, and think that Ms. Madeline looks like an adorable mixture of you and Jeremy.

  2. Um, Madeline may have your eyes, but I think everything else reminds me of Jeremy! Fun to see her next to both of your baby pictures!


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