March 13, 2012

madeline updates you herself

Hey guys! I decided to update you myself today because mom has been so busy lately.  Incase you haven't noticed I am just growing growing growing. It's hard to believe how fast it's all happening.  Seems like I got here just yesterday. And now already I'm grabbing toys on my own.  Every Sunday when I get a little bored during Sunday School mom throws the same dumb toy at me.  And I never pick it up.  But last Sunday I thought what the heck.  I'll humor you! So I grabbed it, pretended to be interested for a little while and mommy got so excited she almost interrupted the lesson with her squeal of delight.  During Sacrament Meeting there was a beautiful special musical number and right during a quiet part I thought hey let's make this a duet! So I added my own part. Mommy and Daddy were embarrassed haha.  

I'm finally starting to enjoy it when mom reads books to me. Oh and she has this little chair (a bumbo seat) for me and sometimes she lets me sit on the counter while she makes dinner! 
It's so exciting and even though I'm pretty sure she only lets me so she can get something done with out listening to me cry I love it!

Sitting in her bumbo while I make dinner.
She's too skinny to sit up with out slipping down
so we tuck towels in front of her.
She didin't know what to make of them.

"What are these towels for?"

Needless to say I couldn't coax a smile out of her 
during this particular shoot.

I suppose the biggest recent development is that I started teething this past week. Or at least that's what mom keeps telling everybody.  All I know is that I'm drooling all the time... its so gross... and I can't get enough fist-sucking time.  Daddy keeps pulling my hands out of my mouth.  He says they're really red and thinks I'm going to gnaw them off, whatever that means.  But sometimes if I'm fussy they let me suck on this frozen piece of plastic and it feels so good! And if I'm really really fussy they give me this sweet stuff (tylenol) that tastes so good and helps me feel so much better! I fall asleep right after they give it to me.  I still have a blowout pretty much every other day.  Sometimes a couple times a day.  I have the best parents though, they just laugh through it all.  They love me so much!  

The other night mom was giving me a bath and I peed in the tub.  When she looked up at me I gave her the biggest cutest smile. She thought I looked so cute she turned around to grab the camera.  When she turned back around this is what I was doing {see below photo}.  Only my middle finger wasn't in my mouth quite so much.  It made her laugh.  

But the laughing quickly came to a halt when she looked down and noticed I'd just had the biggest poopy mess in the water! Daddy was at work so she grabbed paper towels and baby wipes. And that was the end of my bath. Note to self: pooping in the tub causes an undesired abrupt end to bath time. 

I'm finally figuring out how to laugh more.  My parents will do anything to get a little giggle out of me.  It's pretty cute.  My favorite thing is when mommy sings to me.  It makes me smile so big! And then it makes her smile so big! I love it! I think I'm pretty good at making her day.  

Well I think that about sums up my life lately.  I'm gonna go take a little nap. Mom hasn't showered yet, and it's almost 3:00! gross - I know. And usually if I take a nap she'll get in the shower eventually.  Wouldn't it be great if daddy could come home to an attractive wife?!  I think so too.

Love, Madeline


  1. Thanks for the update, Madeline! You just get cuter and cuter. Can't wait to see you. Love, Grandpa :)

  2. She is so sweet and adorable! I love that babies do things to make us laugh without even realizing it.
    I hope the nursing necklace helps Madeline not stretch out anymore of your shirts! Oh, it's so hard staying modest with a little baby; I can't imagine what it's like with an active toddler!

  3. If she keeps getting cuter this quickly, I think we're all going to die from cute overload in a few months...she's precious!


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