March 28, 2012

crazy baby

Growing up I was always a wild sleeper.  I was probably about one year old when I started stripping down in my crib.  I became a pro at unzipping my pjs and leaving my lil bare baby bum for my parents to find in the morning.  {Jeremy would probably argue I'm still a crazy sleeper.  Not in a naked way, just in a hog-the-covers-and-the-bed-and-use-three-pillows-to-support-every-part-of-my-body-and-sleep-talk-and-roll-around kind of crazy} Lately madeline has been doing a lot of spinning in her crib.  We'll lay her down on way and in the morning her head will be at the other end of the bed.  She's mastered the art of spinning, not rolling quite yet.  But spinning she can do! This morning we woke up to a whole new level of crazy.  But I do kind of love finding little ways she takes after me.

{don't worry.  I made sure she wasn't in any pain 
before I ran to grab the camera}

Oh how we love this little girl!!!!!!

At her doctor's appointment on Monday she weighed in at 13 lbs. She's so close to rolling over so I naturally have three or four very long videos over her almost rolling over but not quite.  They're a little boring so I won't share them with you.  Her interest in books grows every day.  Grabbing at toys and objects and mom's hair has become quite easy for her.  The newest development is the way she watches us eat. She'll lock her eyes in on my spoon while I'm eating and open her mouth as it whisks past her face and into my mouth. We'll probably start her on solids in about a month. That way we don't have to worry abut juggling one more thing amidst packing, graduation, moving, trip to arches, etc. She spontaneously laughed for me the other day while I was changing her diaper and it totally made my day! Madeline can charm just about anybody with her gummy smile and she doesn't hesitate to share her sweet spirit with everyone we meet.  We just love her to pieces and feel so blessed to be able to call her our own.

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  1. 13lbs...LUCKY. In his defense he is really really long...but yeah, I'm a little jealous =). We are gonna do cereal at 5 months too. I'm kind of excited to try it out!
    That's too funny that she flips around like that! So cute, her little legs hanging out of the crib.
    **In response to your comment on my post: Yeah, he's been in bed with us that long. If you were to ask my hubby, you'd hear it's been "too long" lol. I'm pretty nervous about transitioning him though. I hope it goes smoothly.


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