February 23, 2011


Life sure doesn't ever let you catch your breath.
This week I have 3 rather big tests... 
Tomorrow some Sisters from the ward are coming to welcome me in
{Better late than never, right?}
I'm excited to finally be meeting people and have visiting teachers/be one again, but I don't know when I'm going to clean the house...
but on a lighter note:
my dad and broskie are coming to town! 

I'm so excited to see them.  My cousin David is leaving on a mission to the Florida Keys soon, and his farewell - uh.. I mean... he's giving a talk in church haha
So Dad and Christian are flying down tomorrow night. 
It'll be nice to see them :) 

um... I think thats about it.  I should probably study... 
{husband thinks I could be better about that... and he's right... gosh dang it, how is it that our spouses know us so well?}
haha just kidding, its a good thing. I need someone to keep me on track.

Well I think thats all for now...
{ta ta for now!}

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