February 27, 2011


I have a hilarious brother-in-law who likes to give people random nick names.
Husband's nick name is "Jimmy" and it has become incumbent upon me to reference husband as Jimmy in a blog post.  So for the duration of this post, husband will now be referred to as Jimmy. 

Today has been a fabulous day.  This morning Jimmy and I drove up to SLC to hear my cousin speak in church because he's leaving on a mission this Wednesday.
David {my cousin} and I have always been close.  We're about the same age, and we've always been somewhat interested in the same things
{i.e. torturing our little siblings into doing stuff for us - haha just kidding}

David did such an amazing job!  Its hard to believe he's already heading out into the mission field!
He's going to the Florida, Ft. Lauderdale mission
{Which btw includes Miami, the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, etc.}
woot woot!

My dad and Christian flew down to hear him speak, it was really fun to see them. 
David's older sister Whitney is getting married in 20 days so I got to see her dress 
{which she made!!!} and her invitations.
Weddings are so much fun!  I remember long ago when Jer - uh I mean Jimmy and I got married... It was a whole 2 months ago if you can believe that! 
{Actually it seems like a lot longer ago - is that normal?}

ALSO - my cousin Stephen got back together with his super cute girlfriend and I'm so happy for them :)
Not sure why he didn't tell me sooner... but that alright... i guess... lol

I guess that's about it.  Jimmy is just looking at the Oscars, and I'm here telling the wild adventures of Jimmy and Sarah.  
{Jimmy wants Sarah to study... so.... yeah...
its Book of Mormon though so its ok - right?}


P.S. You're welcome Scott ; ) 

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