February 24, 2011


....made a friend today :)
{Ok technically she was assigned to make friends w/ me - but who's really counting?}
Her name is Janee.
She is my visiting teacher!
{Well at least for this month, and maybe next month}
*crosses fingers*
She has Native American heritage so she has this long beautiful brown hair.
She is so funny and cute and we got along really well!
She even invited husband and I to a game night
-- HOORAY for not feeling like the ward outcasts anymore!!!
She also challenged me to make new friends myself... 
{thats harder... }
But I am willing to try! Apparently PP3 is full of people wanting to make new friends
- so look out the Wells are coming to town!
{PP3 = Provo Peak 3rd Ward}

aight - now I need to get back to some serious cramming for this test so I can start studying for the other ones : /  peachy...


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