February 2, 2011

Just kidding...

For any of you truly dedicated followers
{I'm not offended if you aren't}
You will have noticed that yesterday I told you it was cold in P-town -- I lied...
It is cold today!
When we got up this morning - which was a little late because I sort of fell asleep after I turned off my alarm so we woke up a few mins before our first classes
{we skipped those... oops :/}
Anyhoo, Jeremy checked the weather - IT WAS -2DEGREES FEELS LIKE -14!!!
What the heck???
No worries, its gotten up to 12 degrees now so everything is great - not
Oh well... life goes on, hopefully haha


Right now my dream is that Jeremy and
I are in one of my most favorite places in the world -
Hydra Greece

When my family went to Greece several years ago, we went to this little island called Hydra. They don't allow any motorized vehicles, and its so beautiful, surrounded by water
{duh its an island}
And oh its so beautiful... *sigh*
I'm dreaming that is a warm summer's evening, and Jer and I are eating a romantic dinner, and there's soft live music playing in the background, and its just he and I and yeeah... Thats where I want to be right now....

Hope these pictures leave you a little warmer than you were before!


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