February 6, 2011

Saturdays :)

Let me just tell you, Saturdays are the best day of the week
{Second only to Sundays, and Thursdays are close...}

On Saturdays, well the morning usually isn't the greatest, i.e. 'morning person' husband wakes 'sleep in til 9:30 person' wife, and makes wife really grumpy...

But then we usually work on school work, again not my favorite... I had to take a test yesterday, and it was hard. You know how the first test you take with a new teacher, you like don't know what to expect, or how to study? Like that. I'm pretty sure I bombed it... oh well.

Maybe I ought to say Saturday nights are the best - yeah that sounds better.
On Saturday nights Jeremy and I make really good pizza and get 2 redbox movies and enjoy
au cinema a la maison!
{I haven't done anything in French, so if you speak French, and happen to notice its wrong, you can just keep it to yourself, thanks}

Yeah... *sigh* it was a good night. We also had a lemon-raspberry cheesecake from the cheesecake factory :) because some really nice people gave us a gift card there for our wedding - Thank You!

And now, it is Sunday. And usually I love Sundays, but today I have to work... :(
So no dinner in SLC with my cousins/grandma. And no church. And no just spending time with my hubby... So yeah, its kind of a major bummer. But thats ok. Only 2 more Sundays after this - this semester that is.

Well I ought to go shower and get ready for work.


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