February 19, 2011

we are children...

If you haven't met your best friend yet, I hope you do someday.
I know I say this all the time, but my best friend is Jeremy.
I love him because we can totally be ourselves when we're together, and sometimes that means we act like little kids... haha

For example, the other day, we were walking to our car from campus
{we parked a few blocks from campus}
and Jer tried to kick me in the butt so I caught his foot in my knee-pit and tripped him

He fell and just laid on the ground claiming it was 'comfy' lol
Then I took the keys from his pocket and got in the car and he chased me all the way home
It was a lot of fun :)

Then today, we had a water fight while doing the dishes - lets just say it was pretty bad, and most of our house was wet lol but we didn't care because we are just two little kids trying to grow up and we love each other!

I love you babe!!!!!
{No comment dad...}

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  1. how cute!! :o) Haha I love how you wrote "no comment, dad!" I'd love to see cute newlyweds on campus like that!


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