February 7, 2011

funny story

so... husband and I don't like getting up early. And on Mondays, its really hard to get up for your 8:00 class :/ {what were we thinking?} This morning, was one of those mornings. I set my alarm for 6:00, plenty of time to get up shower, and leave enough time for a warm shower for Jeremy... but then it was 6:30, and then I really was going to get up at 7:00, but husband, being the kind person he is, pulled me back to bed. So at 7:47, we wake up and realize oh wow, class starts in 13 minutes! We made it to class and shizzam I didn't miss a quiz, and I believe husband didn't either - i'll get back to you on that. No worries, this is only like the third time this has happened haha... only husband didn't think it was so funny... And neither did the poor unfortunate souls who had to sit next to the smelly Wells in class :)

Have I ever mentioned that I love my husband? Jeremy Wells is WITH OUT DOUBT the best man in the world! and I love him so much! Yesterday, I had to work and when I got home, dinner was ready, and our house was CLEAN! I know its hard to believe that sometimes our house gets dirty, but it was. And he cleaned it :) Set the table, and had dinner all ready to go! wow! I love him! He's the best!!!!

And now, I should probably do homework for tomorrow, or shower before work, or both haha

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