February 12, 2011


sometimes, I wish that I lived in like barbaric times and just ate with my hands on my lap, because then I wouldn't have to do dishes. I'd much rather wash my tunic and my hands then dishes...

But alas, I don't live in those times, and I think husband might be a little afraid if I ever started doing that eat with fingers thing
haha HA

If I could show you the pile of dishes we have on our counter right now
you would roll over and laugh
Its kind of pathetic.

But see, I came from a home with two dishwashers!
And then last semester I had a roommate who did them all the time
So now I have to step up a little bit.
{oh, I just realized husband is doing them right now}
Thats exciting!!!
I should probably go help him... It would be the right thing to do, especially since all I'm doing right now is writing about dishes...


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