February 8, 2011

Midnight Snacks

When I was younger {actually, probably til the week after our honeymoon} I thought marriage was a happily ever after end to your story of life. After you got married everything was perfect, and you always got along wonderfully, and never disagreed about everything, and you were always happy and the dishes were fun to do, and so was cleaning, and laundry, and making dinner! And every day, I realize that marriage is work. Don't get me wrong, its very much so worth it, but its not just fun and games and picture perfect. I guess my point here is, husband and I aren't perfect, and I don't really want us to be. Yesterday, we had a little bit of a.... um... argu -- discussion. A very intense discussion. {I'll spare you the details, and just tell you that wife sometimes has a hard time managing her emotions, especially when hormones are raging.}
But because husband is wonderful, patient, and kind, discussion didn't last too long.
I remember a young women's leader telling me that marriage isn't happily ever after - I laughed at her. Now I'm laughing at myself... And its not fun :(

No worries, we are good now, and happy as ever :D Especially because mother of wife found a bunch of target gift-cards from wedding that couple forgot about, therefore, husband is taking wife to Target today!!! hurray!!!

{Side note - I'm sitting in class, and a guy came in and left a flower with a little note on the board saying the flower was for her - alright girls do it with me now -- "awwwwww....."
PRECIOUS!!! Lucky girl}

As many of you know, Jeremy and I work til 12:30 Monday, Wednesday, Friday - every week. Its kind of exhausting. But one thing we have in common is, we both are usually hungry after. So we are kind of frequent visitors at In-N-Out and Wendy's (Not in the same night). I love our little midnight snack parties. But we've come conclusion that its probably not healthy for our waists or our wallets to be visiting 1-2 times a week.. yeeeah... we're fatties. What of it?

So from now on, we're just going to go home, and eat something healthy, or make a cheaper shake at home!! lol gottah love us Wells :D

Well class is about to start, so.... yeah...

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