February 22, 2011

date nights with my hubby are DA BEST EVA

He is my everything and I love spending a long night/long weekend with him
{Lets take a vote - all in favor of not returning to real life tomorrow say aye -- AYE}

Tonight was super duper fun!
Here's what happened:

1. We fixed my camera - yay!
ergo... we have pictures of our date night!

2. We went ice skating
Husband was so brave and had such a good attitude
{He's told me previous experiences haven't been good... but the man's tall, cut him some slack}

Proof he actually was standing all by himself at one point
{I'm just kidding he actually did very well and only fell once and did so very gracefully --
he kind of lowered himself down using me to soften his fall, if that made any sense at all}

mmm.... look at those sexy/hairy legs
{His mom warned me that he was a very hairy man before we got married haha
she wasn't kidding but I still love him!}

we're so cute :)

3. We finally saw Harry Potter 7 Part I
We knew it would eventually make its appearance at the dollar theater
{we're poor college kids - k?}
This is how cool we are:
We made shakes in advance and put them in styrofoam coffee cups
{They have lids}
And I put them in my purse and we enjoyed them thoroughly during HP7PartI

Now I seriously don't want to do the hw thats due tomorrow/wake up at the crack of dawn to go to class.... :/ *sigh* why does life have to keep on moving?
Well I'm tired and my hw is calling...


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  1. Sarah, I'm so sorry about the miscarriage. We don't know why these things happen. They are just a part of life. Have a good cry and you will feel better. I love reading your blog and seeing how you and Jeremy are enjoying life together. Much love, Mom Wells


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